How can I be sure that your daycare is safe?
As a licensed home daycare we're obligated to follow strict DCFS safety and environmental guidelines, with occasional unannounced visits to check for compliance.  Additionally, adults who frequent or live at the house are subject to criminal background checks.  If you'd like more information about individual safety or medical classes we've taken, you can view a full list of our certifications, affiliations, and completed courses HERE.

When is the best time to set up an interview?
We're available for interviews most weekday evenings (after 6:00 p.m.) and mornings most weekends.  Often we're asked if it's possible to drop in during daycare hours to see the operation.  Frankly, until we've had time to get to know you, you're a stranger.  We won't be compromising the kid's safety or sacrificing any time we should be spending with them.  That said, our interviews tend to be very in depth.  We'll go over our handbook, give you a tour, and leave ample time for discussion about your child's needs.

Do you offer a referral bonus?
Yes!  If you refer a family to us and their child is in our care for eight weeks, you'll receive a week of 1/2 tuition as a thank you.

How are parents kept informed?
A distinct advantage a licensed home daycare has over the big commercial operations is the ability to develop a close working relationship with the caregivers.  We'll be here day in and day out, available to answer questions or address concerns.  If you've already had a look at our program, you might have seen that we spend our naptime updating parents via social media.  There you'll be in the loop for the day to day progress your child is making.  Once a year we hold parent / teacher conferences where we can talk at length about that progress as a whole.